Thursday, June 5, 2014

sixth grade zoo project

Dear, whomever is reading this, our sixth grade math class just recently been assigned to make a project about a zoo we have to create from our head and choose a location, and  animals, also we had started with 6,000,000 dollars to spend! Every student had to spend at least 95% of the money. Some sixth graders may have ended up with no money left, around 15,000 dollars or around 5,000 dollars left. all of these end up with at least 95% or more money spent.

Our group was one of the groups assigned to make a zoo project. We had a choice of multiple types of animals to choose from to put in our zoo with only spending 6,000,000 dollars. We ended up with 5,000 dollars left out. The animals we chose were apes, whales, penguins, insects, and an aquarium. We had to go through a lot of tough choices to spend the right amount of money. We had to get rid of animal exhibits!

I think this project improved my, our, thinking for math, like perimeter and area. Also adding and subtracting for the money we spent, and living within a budget. In my opinion this project was fun, easy and educational. Fun, because we used creativity and actually used our heads. Easy, because all we really had to do was add, subtract, find the perimeter and multiply. I think this project was worth doing again and again and again. I also think you should do this project.

Sincerely, a random sixth grader

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