Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Trip Around Europe

Hello Bloggers, My name is Aaliyah, and I decided to share with you my amazing trip around Europe to five different cities.The names of these five cities are Verdun, France being my first city, Marne, Belgium being my second city, Ypres, Belgium being my third, Berlin, Germany being my fourth and last but not least Stalingrad, Russia. I met many nice people and tried some food that was just plain gross. I tried other foods that were actually pretty good. Who doesn't love traveling around city to city seeing things you never saw before?  Come on, am I right everyone? I had the opportunity to bring along my dad and two sisters to have two weeks of family fun time.

All together my trip was three thousand two miles.You're right! You're thinking, what insane person would drive that long around Europe? Well you're reading about me right now. For this trip I drove a 2012 Ford Mustang, which is very cheap on gas and it fits, surprisingly, three other people besides the driver very comfortably, along with all of our luggage.The total cost for fuel for a two week trip was $2,783.21.To rent this car,which I did, costs $74.62 for 14 days. For one day the cost is $5.33, so that times 14 will give me $74.62 for the car rental.

My trip involved many things to set up, which stressed me out! Figuring out a cost of food for three extra people plus myself and the hotel was a lot of money, too. I stayed in five different hotels. My first hotel was a one star hotel for three days, my second hotel was a two star hotel for two days, my third hotel was for three days and was a three star hotel, my fourth hotel was a four star hotel for two days, and my last hotel was a five star hotel for four days.The price for the hotels was $2,070$, but it was worth it because they were lovely hotels. I can still taste the food till this day because it was just that good. Some days I went to fancy restaurants, other days I went to plain restaurants, and other days I wanted to buy something cheap and bought from a fast food restaurant. To calculate the amount of money I spent on food I used this formula: 4 meals times x amount of money = amount of money spent at that specific restaurant.  My total amount on food was $121.50 which in my opinion its not that bad of a price. I'm not a millionaire, but I saved up to go on this trip. You all are probably wondering when is she going to tell us the total amount for this trip? Well, the cost was $4,980.04 for a two week trip bringing along three people while travelling around Europe for two weeks.

One of my teachers said I should become a travel agent or talk about cheap vacations on TV.

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