Saturday, September 20, 2014

Three simple words

Passion. Purpose. Pride. This slogan I heard from Jimmy Casas during my first session this morning at NJPAECET2. He was using this to describe his high school's vision/mission each day. He said if he could get everyone in the building to follow these three simple words everyday, it would be a great day.

This got me to thinking how simple school vision statements should be. We spend a lot of time saying how we are going to create 21st century learners with the latest technology. But is it something people can remember? Our vision should be so simple, yet profound, that a 5 year old in the school can repeat it and understand it. Then we know we are truly getting our message across.

So, my thought is, why spend so much time with lengthy vision statements that sound great, but do not mean much of anything? Does the public really care that we are striving to create these great citizens? No. They want a simple phrase that they can remember and restate. Stick to the basics. Breathe those basics. Everyday. Your school, and community ,will thank you.

Thank you, Jimmy Casas, for saying something so simple, yet so profound.

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Amber Teamann said...

Thats what that Jimmy does... :) great post and I completely agree!