Monday, February 18, 2013

No one of us is as smart as all of us

"No one us is as smart as ALL of us." This slogan hung over the chalkboard as I entered my cooperating teacher's room almost 20 years ago. At the time, I saw it as a neat little slogan to mold my classroom environment around. Get everyone's input. Get along with each other. Do not put down anyone's thoughts or beliefs. It was a nice way to run my classroom as a new, practicing teacher.

After reading @Will Richardson's book about Professional Learning Networks, that same slogan now has a completely different meaning. No longer am I, the teacher, the sole provider of knowledge to my students. With technology, my students have an infinite number of sources where they can locate that same information. What then is my role? How do I change to meet the new 21st Century Learner?

I guess part of the answer is exactly what I am now doing: blogging. This is a frightening step for someone who is not a strong writer. But, as I try to tell my students in math class, it is okay to error. The mistake only comes in not trying. I am beginning to expand my PLN so that I can make connections to begin sharing my experience with both my students and colleagues.

I guess the saying "A 1,000 mile journey begins with the first step" is fitting for this first blog post. The possibilities are endless. I guess in order to lead a classroom of 21st Century Learners I need to be one myself. So my journey begins.

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